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Avant Marghen Vol.5

ALGA 000-5LP ALGA 000-5LP

New volume of the Avant Marghen series issued in a numbered edition of 80 copies only. This luxury black boxset edition actually includes the fifth group of seven LPs previously issued for the VocSon series and now sold out. Each individual LP record includes a numbered Avant Marghen inner-sleeves. LP 1 features Jean-Louis Brau's Instrumentations verbales. Jean-Louis Brau (1930-1985) approached everything in an explosive way, sometimes achieving some major results, like his sound poetry, as demonstrated by "Turn back nightingale" (1972). Also included on this one-sided LP are "Elégie Elémentaire" and "Ataloche Roche," both recorded in 1961, as well as "Instrumentation Verbale" and "Cantate pour l'interdiction de Mandrake," both recorded in 1963. LP 2 features Maurice Lemaitre's Poemes et musiques lettristes et hyperphonie. An exceptionally wild sonic art and poetry document, Poemes et musiques lettristes et hyperphonie was recorded between 1952 and 1968. Also included on this LP is a previously unreleased torrid "concerto" titled "L'alcove" for a lettrist male chorus and female solo orgasms, followed by "L'ascension du Phenix M.B." a sound collage from 1967. LP 3 features Ulises Carrion The Poet's Tongue LP. All pieces from this LP, recorded at the Instituut voor Sonologie in Utrecht between September and October 1977, have in common their refusal of discursiveness. LP 4 features Anton Bruhin's 11 Heldengesänge und 3 Gedichte with four-page insert. 11 Heldengesänge und 3 Gedichte is a sound poem which takes listeners into a medieval world of minstrels and errant knights. LP 5 features Gil J Wolman's Wolman et son double. Wolman et son double, a previously unreleased recording probably from the late '70s, is Wolman's most theatrical -- as well as musical and lyrical -- piece. LP 6 features Eduardo Kac and Porn Art Movement's Pornéia, also including an LP-size 40-page full-color book. These previously unissued recordings from the Porn Art Movement (1980-1982) include five performances recorded live on Ipanema Beach in 1982, as well as a selection of previously unheard studio recordings of Eduardo Kac yell-poems. The LP also includes the Manifesto Pornô (1980) and four recordings of Flatographic Poems from 1982 LP 7 features Jose Luis Castillejo TLALAATALA with a dark-grey sleeve, only available with this boxset edition. A killer reading of Jose Luis Castillejo TLALAATALA book by Fernando Millan, recorded in Madrid in 2001.