Earth, Our Planet?


Earth, Our Planet?: A call for environmental awareness. This time, Pedro Vian -- the founder of Modern Obscure Music -- presents his fourth solo album. Earth, Our Planet? promises to immerse listeners in a moving odyssey, crossing the boundaries of musical genres to provoke an urgent meditation on the protection of the planet. On this occasion Vian has composed the album influenced by the myth of the eternal return, the compositions are long and repetitive, generating states of pure trance. Pedro Vian, singular for his fusion of genres and styles, ventures into even more complex territories in Earth, Our Planet?. From the first listen, it is evident that this work treads the line of convention and breaks the boundaries of electronic and experimental music with artistic dexterity. The album weaves together texture, hypnotic rhythms and melody. Each track reveals his distinctive ability to create immersive landscapes, guiding the listener into deep emotional introspection. The album features high-caliber collaborations that add layers of creativity and elegance. Trumpeter Pierre Bastien, whose early productions left an indelible mark on Aphex Twin's Reflex label, infuses "A Day in Rotterdam" with a unique emotional resonance. Violinist Asia, renowned for her avant-garde approach and ability to conjure unique landscapes, elevates the album's opening tracks "Urobóros" and "Les Tambours Subterraniens." Their skill and sensitivity intertwine perfectly with Vian's artistic vision. In addition, Italian producer Daniele Mana, with whom Pedro Vian collaborated closely on his previous album Cascades (MOM 036LP, 2022), also contributes to "Les Tambours Subterraniens." There is also a collaboration with Raül Refree, an artist with whom Vian worked with in 2023, presenting "Font De la Vera Pau," an album that The Guardian defined as "a wonderful piece of electro-acoustic music, a captivating mix of strings and analogue synth drones which sometimes flirts with Alice Coltrane-ish spiritual jazz." With Earth, Our Planet?, Pedro Vian not only offers up some of his best work to date, but it is also a call to reflect on humanity's relationship with the natural world.