hAK / Danzeisen

KR 105LP KR 105LP

Modular synthesizers/electronics + a drum kit enhanced with triggers and sensors: on its self-titled debut album, the duo hÄK/Danzeisen creates a sonic energy that oscillates between high-precision rhythm patterns, analog sounds and frenzy climaxes. One must imagine hÄK/Danzeisen as a man-machine apparatus. A collection of cables, resonating bodies and restless limbs that together question all routines. Who overthrow conventional role of instruments and explore the possibilities of a new sound language. Bernd Norbert Würtz alias hÄK operates modular synthesizers, self-soldered circuits and control knobs. Philipp Danzeisen plays a drum kit enhanced with triggers and sensors. These two poles are connected to an interdependent whole in which a constant musical dialogue takes place. The dependencies within this system have been meticulously defined by hÄK/Danzeisen: Drum rolls and sound modulations are interconnected in such a way that there is no contradiction between the strict technological structure and the creative outburst that is possible at any time. What drives hÄK/Danzeisen is the basic idea that the contrast between acoustic drums and synthetically produced sounds must be overcome in order to create a new experience. Würtz, Danzeisen, and their combined instrumentation simultaneously rub up against the same edges, finding a single, piercing voice. Ideal manifestations of this approach are the duo's live performances: raw energy that oscillates as precisely as it surprises between drones, abstraction and noise attacks, driven by an impudent take on jazz. Constantly oscillating between the registers of "composed" and "improvised", each performance by hÄK/Danzeisen ultimately becomes one of a kind. 180 gram vinyl; includes download postcard.