The Natural Bridge

DC 101CD DC 101CD

2023 repress. Originally released in 1996. "Come home to the old world of Silver Jews -- theyʼve been waiting patiently for your return. Back in the October of 1994, Silver Jews released Starlite Walker, their first LP and one that certainly confirmed all the fevered rumors of the group's promise. They were heard to play pop music with a rustic air, old-fashioned fervor and an excess of words, singing them out in a flat and honest voice, as if to say, 'There is no other way.' For the initial settlers of rock, its true; there was no other way. But the early '90s gave birth to a new generation of rockers: 'Silver Jews Fans,' appreciating Jews music and the lifestyle it implied. Unlike their forebears, these kids could have anything they wanted. And so, another era was underway. Now, some two years later, we can begin to understand why and of wherefore. The Natural Bridge attempts to bridge the gap between generations, and generations of people as well. While not blatantly a youth angst statement, nor a precise document of a coming of age, the LP has enough of everything to make someone's rite of passage a smoother ride. There is the acoustic melancholy of 'Black and Brown Blues,' electrical storms in 'Pet Politics' and 'The Ballad of Reverend War Character,' the breezy despair of 'Dallas' and 'How to Rent a Room,' and more, much more. Calling over time from the communities of rural Massachusetts and Virginia (and all points south), Silver Jews deliver performances steeped in history, though its more personal than public history that's outlined here. Ten songs an album make."