Born Again To Die

HN 164LP HN 164LP

"'There are a lot of mugz you don't wanna know,: VD doctors, the Grim Reaper, the inside of a Fed Ex body bag, ex-mates, cops, silence, dentists, republicans, country music stars...the list goes on and on. Then there are mugz you just want to get some sunshine from -- you know who they are, just plain rad mugz, stokerz, and I gotta say, the Michigan Crew has Sick Llama'z back. Heath aka Juice aka Fag Heath aka Morellama is just a ball of huge eyeballing goodness... how can you be mad at him? We used to have heavy skate shred sessions with the goofball and he would destroy the streetz, and still be smiling at the end, never breaking a sweat. You want this dude on your team. And you want the soundtrack to your boiling brain to be his Born Again to Die. Its got this amazing kinda arms-up-in-air-i-give-up-what-is-this-godamnn-sound style beaming through it. Heath man....dude ain't really gonna give any clues back....can't count how many timez the crew has cornered the mug and been like: 'Yo man....what the hell is going on inside 'Live Birth?' Did you just record cars under an overpass and slow it down?' And repeat over the coarse of 120+ Fag Tapes, Heath's label aka the Pyramids of Michigan. He never has properly answered a sound question, we all have our clues/ideas. Probably wrong. Sick Llama holds the rotten essence of Midwest Basement Mystery Mind Sound inside the marrow of his weird skull, right behind the strawberry blond tuffs, unblinking bug eyes, and scandi-molded mildew skin. Born Again to Die is his debut, and any signs of progression are tossed out the windows of Ham Studios. I mean it's electronics, tape hiss, and ....?????? Heath really doesn't get any better or more refined, just....... stranger and more strange. My man Connelly says every Fag Tape has at least a 30% 'hands off' factor, meaning, seems like Llama has a nice mutant groove going on and then just jets for 10min, leaving the machine motionless. If you can tell what the hell is going on inside these grooves...bottle it and sell it, it would be ideal to have on could be like taking a skinny dip inside the caverns of a black pool filled to the brim with soul-frying electricity waves. Born Again To Die: maybe our kid's rat kids will comprehend. Then maybe they can attempt to decode this funky pandemonium.' --John Olson (Wolf Eyes, Boy Dept. Boyz), May 2007. Originally released on cassette in 2004 on American Tapes. This is the first full length LP and one of the first recordings ever from Sick Llama. Limited to 500 copies. Housed in a slick orange and blue silkscreened cardstock jacket featuring the usual Hanson outer 'droll flaps'."