Organism & Organism_evolution

KR 041-051CD KR 041-051CD

Two albums by the Berlin-based electronic musician Arovane and Porya Hatami, one of the main protagonists of the vivid Iranian electronic underground, on a special double CD: experimental, field recording-based ambient sounds with elements of electro-acoustic music and musique-concrète. Since his return from a nine-year long hibernation in 2013, the Berlin-based electronic artist Uwe Zahn, alias Arovane, has been more productive than ever and released a dozen of solo and collaborative albums. Porya Hatami, one of the main protagonists of the vivid Iranian electronic underground, released several albums on labels like Hibernate and introduced himself as a skilled experimental sound artist exploring the balance between electronics and environmental sounds. 2017's Organism was the duo's fourth collaboration. The 19 tracks, created using processed acoustic and electronic sources as well as field recordings, bring together the best of the two musicians: sophisticated electronic music of peaceful, even zen-like atmosphere with experimental twists. The brand-new Organism_evolution, as the title points out, develops further the aesthetics of Organism and reveals influences of musique-concrète and electro-acoustic music that place the tracks in a more experimental field. Using techniques like modular synthesis, granular synthesis, spectral processing, granular, resynthesis and resonator/modal synthesis, Arovane and Hatami used many different layers of processed sounds and field recordings to create depth and complexity -- with every new encounter, the listener will discover new sonic aspects and dive deeper into the multifaceted structures of the masterly sound-designed 23 compositions. Both albums, each a digital-only release originally, are bundled here as a limited edition two-CD in a special gatefold digisleeve. Mastered by Porya Hatami. Original artwork designed by Salah Ebrahimi.