In Another Life


After a hiatus of 12 years -- Seabear's most "recent" LP dates back to 2010 -- the much-loved Icelandic collective presents In Another Life, a mesmerizing collection of songs, oscillating between indie pop and classic singer-songwriter material. Sometimes, a long break is all it takes. Seabear, the band featuring the talents of Guðbjörg Hlín Guðmundsdóttir, Halldór Ragnarsson, Kjartan Bragi Bjarnason, Örn Ingi Ágústsson, Sindri Már Sigfússon (aka Sin Fang), and Sóley Stefánsdóttir (aka Sóley), did exactly that. Producing an album takes up a lot of energy. "We had all focused on other projects," Kjartan Bragi explains. "Solo careers, playing with other projects, other forms of art, working 'normal' jobs to make a living etc. It's nice to finally come together again with old friends and make music." During the break, music has been an integral part of the members' daily lives. Sóley started a remarkable solo career, as did Sindri, under the name of Sin Fang, while Guðbjörg worked with Sigur Rós. However, all this was made possible by the disarming folk music of their 2007 debut LP The Ghost That Carried Us Away (MORR 076CD, 2007). "We stayed in touch all along," adds Sindri. "During dinners etc. one question came up again and again: What would Seabear sound like today?" Now, in 2022, the band is ready to set a mark in the musical landscape once again -- with 11 new songs coming straight from the heart, aimed at all who value emotions, the warmth and intimacy of songwriting, big yet subtle soundscapes, capturing the smallest tones and feelings. The songs on In Another Life sound and come across like a musical diary of sorts. A diary found by accident, split across 11 records, without any further info and all details scratched out. There is just the music to speak for itself. Even if you are familiar with Seabear's previous music: the opener "Parade" will make you wonder who came up with this wonderful tune, full of assuring harmonies, delicate melodies and compositional surprises. Seabear once more are delivering the perfect soundtrack for all kinds of emotional states. With driving yet subtle drums, intimate, yet fleeting vocals and lyrics, an orchestral sense of production, emphasizing small details rather than counting on the big "studio bang". In Another Life indeed feels like the start of a new chapter. Full of hope. And hopefully, all Seabear fans won't have to wait as long anymore in the future.