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Micky, a rock & roll pioneer in Spain along with his legendary backing band Los Tonys, has recorded a new album featuring 12 hits at Jorge Explosion's Circo Perrotti vintage studio. This time he's accompanied by a band of true lovers of rock & roll, including members of Doctor Explosion, Raunch Hands, The Kaisers, The Reak McCoyson and Bubblegum, among other underground garage stars. "In 1997, on the occasion of a Dr. Explosion show at the Actual Festival in Logroño, the organizers suggested each band play a couple of songs that night along with a singer from a '60s band. So there's me, meeting up with Micky at Hotel Pathos and rehearsing Los Tonys' 'I'm Over.' During the following 11 years, we saw each other a couple of times thanks to a friend in common, Miguel Escalada, who in the '60s led his own beat group, Los Sonys. A June Sunday in 2008 when I was working in the studio, I got a call from them and we met up for an aperitif. I was really glad to see Micky again, and when he asked me what I was up to, I told him about Circo Perrotti and he seemed really interested. We ended up having lunch together and talking about rock & roll, and one thing led to another. Suddenly it struck me. I'm tired of seeing old rock & roll stars from past decades coming back and trying to recapture that period with records that sound, to put it gently, 'rather cheesy.' So I thought: 'Wouldn't it be amazing to work on something with Micky? Would he be willing to be in my hands and trust my judgement?' Without thinking twice, I asked him. I immediately thought about getting my friend John Gibbs, founding member of The Kaisers, involved. Micky was a rock & roll pioneer in Spain with Los Tonys, and he's probably the only person from the '60s with the required energy to get on board with something like this. He's an artist whose emotion while talking and singing is contagious. But this time, he's doing it in a brutal, raw and honest way, without overblown productions or flashy musicians, where the recording breathes with the urgency and excitement of proper rock & roll." --Jorge Explosion