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The Legendary Tigerman is all about roots, the essence of things, always keeping it real, gritty and true. From 2001 to 2006 he recorded three records that established him as one of Europe's best kept secrets, playing festivals from Japan to Brazil. In 2009 he released Femina, a record about women with special guests like Asia Argento, Peaches, Lisa Kekaula, Becky Lee, Phoebe Killdeer, Cibelle, Maria de Medeiros... A year later the record was platinum in Portugal and one of the records of the year for newspapers and magazines such as Les Inrockuptibles, Rock & Folk, Telerama, El País, among many others. Sold-out shows, festivals, praise from the press... The secret was out. In 2014, True sees the daylight though the light is much darker, much more complex. It's rock & roll but with orchestras and brass and drums with truth on every corner, shape or sound coming off from this outstanding record. In the words of Lindsay Hutton, "True comprises the type of music that really has been known to save souls." Touring extensively across Europe, Brazil, Mexico, or China, The Legendary Tigerman took on the rock & roll ride full on, no more a one-man-band, now touring as an amazingly powerful trio with drums and baritone sax. The story of The Legendary Tigerman's awaited sixth album, Misfit, starts with a road movie, How To Become Nothing, a three-head project by Paulo Furtado, Rita Lino, and Pedro Maia. In May 2016, the trio landed in LAX to film a psychedelic adventure in the form of a road movie between Los Angeles and Death Valley, about the philosophically disturbed journey of a man searching to become nothing. During two weeks of traveling, Paulo "Tigerman" Furtado spent his days writing the diaries of this imaginary man, acting, while at night, in motel rooms across the California deserts, armed with a Gibson SG, he started writing the songs of Misfit. The album was recorded at Rancho de La Luna, Dave Catching's legendary studio in Joshua Tree, in the heart of the Mojave Desert. Co-produced and mixed in Paris by Johnny Hostile (The Savages, John & Jehn) at Pop Noire Studios.