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At the beginning of 1968, Los York's was the most popular group in Peru at morning shows, parties and on tours, and had a legion of fans who found the answers to their youthful concerns in the band's songs. The bulk of the quintet's repertoire were Spanish versions of their favorite rock songs in English, where they took advantage of free translation to speak openly about freedom, drugs and hippy love. That same year, Los York's would announce the new album was in the makings and would comprise two of their own songs and eight cover versions ranging from well-known hits to vinyl rarities. 68 was finally released in October of that year, with cover art based on the album by the American band The Other Half, recreated by designer Estanislao "Zanahoria" Ruiz. The versions include "Solo pido amor," by Rocky Roberts & The Airedales. "La punta de mi lengua" is a cover of The Grass Roots' song, featuring the multifaceted Pablo Villanueva (aka Melcochita) on xylophone. The nostalgic "Charo," originally by The McCoys, is dedicated to a friend of the group. "Abrázame, baby" is another recording of "Abrázame" -- a Don Covay original -- released on the previous album. "El viaje" owes its inspiration to the song "The trip," by Kim Fowley, but it was gradually transformed in rehearsals until it moved away from the original, while keeping its lysergic jamming spirit. The other versions included are "Vallery," by The Monkees; "Mira tú," by The Kinks; and "La alegría de tu amor," by Cream. The album ends with fast-paced "Solo estoy," a ritmazo composed by Pablo Luna, which shows the good vibes in the day-to-day life of the group.