Underground Vibrations No. 2

MR 7364EP MR 7364EP

With a short discography consisting of just two singles -- one of them was even released in Argentina with an alternative cover -- the band All & Nothing has become one of the icons of Spanish underground rock of the '70s and their records are among the most sought-after pieces by collectors. The group was really nothing more than a studio project, put together by journalist and record producer José Luis Álvarez, who never performed in public. Their goal was to record songs in the same style that the emerging Andalusian rock scene was already doing in the south of Spain under the influence of the latest international rock trends -- imported through the US military bases -- and the local musical idiosyncrasy. Although most of the recorded songs -- some of whom remained unreleased for years -- succeeded in reflecting the original goal, for this first single of All & Nothing their producer instructed the band to record something similar to Iron Butterfly's classic In-a-gadda-da-vida, and Underground Vibrations No. 2 seems to be a very accomplished effort. The record has become a very sought-after item for those collecting the lesser-known side of '70s Spanish underground rock. The stunning rhythm section on both sides of the single plus the overwhelming organ solos and firing wah-wah and fuzz guitars explain the high interest on this elusive 45, a must in the top DJs record boxes. Munster Records presents this amazing All & Nothing debut 7" for the first time, remastered from the original tapes and featuring the 1970 sleeve artwork.