Live At Robert Johnson Vol. 7


Volume 7 of the esteemed and idiosyncratic series of Robert Johnson club-affiliated mixes finally lies in the hands of club co-founder Ata. Never afraid to be different, Ata's first commercially-available so-called mix doesn't adhere rigidly to the genre's rules. Designed and composed like a good old cassette tape for friends and lovers and rather connected than mixed, Ata presents 12 tracks and songs that are close to him and hopefully soon to your heart. Unconnected to any urge to be current or hip to the next month's flavor, you will get Italo staples like "Nonline" by I.M.S., capricious cuts like Marsico's "Funk Sumatra" and romantic rockets that will stay forever in your mind, for example, Endgames' "First, Last For Everything." Ata's selection ebbs and flows, puts the emphasis on cutting rather than blending, makes use of some little special effects stunts here and there and most of all, it spreads that certain aural pleasure only the crackling noise of vinyl can give you. As most tracks have been recorded from the actual platters out of Ata's record box, it is as personal and unpolished as it can get. Some of these tracks have been with Ata throughout his DJ career, others have only been discoveries of the last few years, but as distinguished as they might appear, all of them have one thing in common: like asteroids, they are little worlds of their own, sonically and lyrically. So, you won't have to deal with any fillers, unnecessary bridges or tracks, whose sole purpose it is to be "heard in the mix." These songs work as much together as they do on their own, each and every one telling a juicy story -- stories that are as important for the history of Robert Johnson as they are for Ata's DJ heritage: stories of pop music, mirror balls, new and old romantics, of the future and the past. Sometimes a mix is just a mix. This one ain't. Other artists include: Ellison Chase, David Keaton, Quando Quango, Jo Squillo Eletrix, Zwischenfall, Information Society, Xymox, Grauzone and Rah Band.