Workin' The Truth


"So deep you'll need scuba gear. In Jori's words: 'In 1995 me and my friend Ari of Lumi records realized it maybe was actually a waste time to try to run a dance label with no experience from the north of Finland. Indeed. Instead, it might be a smart idea just to focus on making music and find a label that was already established and have them put the music out. Swedish radio had a show at the time called 'Tema: Dans,' and they would have some guest DJs coming over and doing their thing. Usually more traditional housey stuff, but one Wednesday evening Calle had a guest that blew my mind: Cari Lekebusch. Playing what could've been jacking Chicago traxx, but somehow it was all different -- and as it turned out it was mostly done by what the world would become to know as the Stockholm techno gods; Cari, Adam Beyer, Jesper Dahlb├Ąck, Alexi Delano, Joel Mull, Jean-Louis Huhta, et al -- and all their aliases. Impressed by all this I sent Cari a letter (yes, a handwritten one) with a demo-cassette of some of my tracks telling him how I had heard all this music on the radio and since his name (Cari, not Lekebusch) implied a Finnish connection he might be interested in expanding his empire eastbound. A week later I received a letter from Cari simply stating 'You're definitely not faking the funk' and a phonecall followed a few days later and a friendship was established. My friends Ari Ruokamo and Tuomas Salmela also sent tracks to Cari and he was quite excited about this northern Finnish sound and even started a new label called Trainspotter's Nightmare to release our stuff on. Of all the music Cari himself has done my favorite is maybe the Mr Barth stuff. Slightly less abstract than some of his other more experimental techno, but easily as uncompromising, and on some levels more open minded with a certain cross-over potential."