#456 February 2022

WIRE 456 WIRE 456

"Mdou Moctar: Niger guitar hero Mdou Moctar has blazed a trail across the world for a new style of hypnotic desert rock. On the eve of a major US and European tour, Clive Bell talks to Moctar and his band about the anti-colonial spirit animating their current album Afrique Victime, the infamous Purple Rain-inspired motorbike musical Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai, and their connections with other leading lights of daredevil North African guitar including Les Filles De Illighadad. Inside the issue... The Primer: √Čliane Radigue - Julian Cowley writes a user's guide to the recordings of the great French electronic and electroacoustic composer, whose work has continued exploring the connections between Buddhism and longform sound well into the 21st century with the acoustic Occam Ocean series. Mazen Kerbaj: The Lebanese trumpeter, improvisor and cartoonist has carved out a new niche for himself in Berlin. He tells Mariam Rezaei about his new album Sampler/Sampled, where a global cast of collaborators including Bob Ostertag, Muqata'a and Equiknoxx's Gavsborg explore the power of music as a universal language. Invisible Jukebox: Chicago creative music polymaths Jeff Parker and Ben LaMar Gay go head-to-head with The Wire's mystery record test. Global Ear: In Lisbon, April Clare Walsh gets familiar with a new wave of creole language rap. Unlimited Editions: Tokyo label, record shop and keepers of the roots reggae flame Dub Store. Unofficial Channels: YouTube's Original Jungle Samples channel. Inner Sleeve: Tim Hecker. Epiphanies: Reinhold Friedl on Iannis Xenakis. Plus, full-page interviews with Robbie Lee, Hedvig Mollestad, Powers/Rolin Duo, and Duma."