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Lights Towards The Exit

LL 1232LP LL 1232LP

Switching seaside ambience for a sound shaped by inner-city living, Atelier's second full-length studio album, Lights Towards The Exit, channels the mood of a sleepless cityscape. After the release of Varsam Court at the end of 2019 on Lossless, run by mentors and friends Mathias Schober and Thomas Herb, the duo experimented with different ideas in the studio, and at the start of 2020 a common thread began to appear between a few of the tracks which laid the foundation for the sound of their second album. Lights Towards The Exit was written and recorded in different spaces in Berlin -- from bedrooms in apartment blocks to three different studios across the city. The final details and edits were completed in Atelier's current studio. Swapping the mountains, sea and seclusion for tall buildings, backyards and a new community, Lights Towards The Exit channels the sensation of being surrounded by people, but still feeling like you're on your own. The album was written through three years of cold winters, sweaty summers and a period where the world stood still during the pandemic. Frustrated with the cease of momentum, but still optimistic, Atelier disappeared from public view, abandoning social media to focus on recording, songwriting and experimentation. It was a difficult time: the duo longed to perform and continue producing music, and the imposed limitations sometimes felt like an impossible obstacle. Ultimately, though, this would provide unexpected inspiration and influence the sound and direction of the new album. The sound of Lights Towards The Exit is not a departure from their first album, but a progression: influenced by the new surroundings in the duo's adoptive city, Atelier's second album is an ode to first-time experiences, new languages, challenges, club culture and the shift from youth to maturity, as well as a balm to those stuck somewhere in between. The overall sound is a lift not in tempo, but in energy, matching the openness needed to make a new start in a new place. Mastered by Mathias Schober. Artwork by David Kochs. Cover photography by Alexander Inggs.