INRI (Industria Nacional Del Ruido Infinito)


A cross-cutting label exploring the boundaries between different disciplines based on deep listening and music research, Modern Obscure Music is set to release INRI (Industria Nacional Del Ruido Infinito), the new album from Dellarge. Inspired by the scenic beauty of his studio's surroundings at Lake Pátzcuaro in Michoacan, Mexico, Alejandro Barba, aka Dellarge, delves deep into the depths of his artistic consciousness to craft a spiritual album that encapsulates the essence of the place. INRI stands for Industria Nacional del Ruido Infinito (National Industry of Infinite Noise) and serves as a vessel for Dellarge's innermost self-expression and reflections on the potential of humanity. A multifaceted artist and veteran of the music industry for over two decades, his latest musical creation is an intimate and personal album and a departure from previous techno/EBM-orientated Dellarge releases. INRI offers a mesmerizing blend of ambient, futuristic, and industrial sounds that transport listeners into a realm of mysticism, futurism, and duality and stands as a testament to Dellarge's artistic growth and his ability to transcend boundaries, offering listeners an immersive experience that connects them to his world. Drawing inspiration from numerous sources, Dellarge found creative fuel in books such as El Arte de los Ruidos by Luigi Russolo, Manifiestos y Textos Futuristas by F.T. Marinetti, and science fiction classics including Congreso de Futurología by Stanislaw Lem, Neuromancer by William Gibson, and Dune by Frank Herbert. Musically, he delved into the works of Coil, Michael Bundt, The Threshold Houseboys Choir, krautrock legends CAN and Popol Vuh, early Kraftwerk, Arthur Brown, Yello, Esquivel, The Residents, and Hector Lavoe for inspiration. When asked about the creative process behind the album, Dellarge revealed a disciplined routine that involved immersing himself in the sounds, focusing on minute details that connected with the vivid world he envisioned. Ethereal tracks such as "Viento Androide" and "Viaje al Sol" offer a glimpse of a hopeful future, while darker compositions such as "Corpus de Sangre" and "Toro de Falaris", explore the wickedness and compassion within humanity. Each piece in the album represents a unique sonic journey. Includes Silent Servant and Pedro Vian remixes. Blue, transparent 180 gram vinyl + 7"; includes poster.