A Different Fridge For Cheese

PL 162LP PL 162LP

Is DJ Marcelle a masochist? She hates musicals and called her 2022 album DJ Marcelle: The Musical. She dislikes cheese and calls her new album A Different Fridge For Cheese. Probably the answer has more to do with her wicked sense of humor and her love for original track and album titles. This new album is like any Marcelle production (and DJ-set): it's hard to pigeonhole. Dub, techno and avant-garde influences are clearly present but the overall feeling is one of freedom, excitement, adventure and playfulness. Ideas bounce off another and Marcelle is certainly not content with one single formula. Each track becomes a new beginning, a new adventure. Bristling with possibilities, structures are pushed and pulled and explode excitedly. Album opener and closer "Muslimgauze Was Right Part I and II" are short pieces of rhythmic noise, "Big Room Techno Looking For A Room" is a weird and very danceable techno track and the bouncy "Nice Feet" is not only another great dance track but also the second tribute on the LP ("Muslimgauze Was Right" the other one); this one is an ode to the best female footballer in the world, Barcelona midfielder Aitana Bonmati. "New Equipment" describes the mood of the track perfectly. For a The Fall fan the track title "You Don't Have To Be Weird To Be Weird" should ring a bell. Insect sounds dominate stop-start track "To Bee Or Not To Bee." "A Difficult Fridge For Cheese" (nearly the title track!) is a storming avant-garde track featuring voices of some of her (musical) friends like two members of avant dub outfit Holy Tongue and fans and friends she met whilst DJ-ing in amongst others Brazil and Portugal, asking in their native language to leave the cheese in the fridge, por favor. The title was inspired by a visit to her DJ-friend and fellow The Fall-fanatic Carlos Souffront in San Francisco. Souffront, in daily life a cheesemonger, does have a different fridge for the cheese in his house. Upon seeing this, Marcelle decided to name her new LP after this. For future album titles controversial phenomena like "pop choirs" and "DJ schools" are warned! After Explain The Food, Bitte (PL 113LP, 2021) and DJ Marcelle: The Musical (PL 126LP, 2022), A Different Fridge For Cheese is Marcelle's third album being released on the Berlin label 'play loud!'.