Demoler! Demoler! Demoler!

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Disperú is the first independent record label in Peru and South America that was founded and run by a woman. In the space of five years Rebeca Llave turned not only Disperú into a successful company but also transformed it into an amplifier and showcase for unique Peruvian popular music projects including the raw, wild and visceral sound of Los Saicos, '60s punk pioneers. This compilation comprises 14 amazing tracks, ranging from cumbia or boogaloo to beat and garage, to celebrate the music legacy of this unique pioneer woman. Disperú was founded at a key moment for Peruvian popular music. In 1965 young Peruvians were gaining prominence in society and the entertainment industry. The hangover of the "new wave," with its balladeers, persisted on the radio and television, but rock bands were also emerging, inspired by what was happening musically in Liverpool and on the beaches of California. Guided by her ability to spot talent and target what she perceived as commercial prospects, Rebeca signed up an impressive lineup of artists. Several of which would move on to bigger labels, after "the girl with the charming smile" had set them on the recording road to fame. Besides gathering young rockers (Los Saicos, Jean Paul El Troglodita) and new wave bands (Los 4 Brillantes, Golden Boys) under its umbrella, Disperú also ventured into coastal and Andean music from Peru and tropical music (Chano Scotty y su Combo Latino, Toño y sus Sicodélicos). This compilation celebrates the music legacy of this unique pioneer woman. Also featuring Gloria Travesí Y Sus Hijos Cantan, Claudio Fabbri, Los Peruvian Brass, Los Guajiros Del Ritmo, and Alicia Estrada Y Su Orquesta.