Vin Ploile


Since the release of his first EP, Tips, on Luciano's Cadenza label in 2007, producer and DJ Petre Inspirescu has emerged as one of the key figures of the Romanian electronic music scene, with releases on Vinylclub, Lick My Deck, Amphia, and [a:rpia:r], which he launched with his buddies Rhadoo and Raresh in 2007 as platform for them and other producers from Romania and elsewhere to release detailed, grooving house and techno with delicate structures and one-of-a-kind grooves. Both of his more dancefloor-oriented solo albums, Intr-o Seara Organica... (2009) and Grădina Onirică (2012), are enlarged with melodies, sounds, and harmonies that go beyond the usual characteristics of a dance album. His love for classical composers like Mily Balakirev, Alexander Borodin, and Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov can be felt in his album Pădurea de Aur (Opus 2 in Re Major) (2011), released under his πEnsemble alias on the Romanian Yojik ConCon label and intended to unite classical spheres with analog electronic music production. In February 2013 he released his highly acclaimed fabric mix CD, containing only his own productions (FABRIC 135CD). Petre Inspirescu now follows his 2014 debut on Mule Musiq, the Talking Waters 12", with Vin Ploile. Although he's established himself as an internationally in-demand house DJ, performing regularly at all the major clubs, festivals, and party destinations around the globe, Petre Inspirescu offers no easy rhythms, melodies, or harmonies on Vin Ploile. As a musician Petre Inspirescu always tries to explore the infinite space of sound with a heartfelt human touch. To create Vin Ploile, he combined piano, string, and wind instruments with analog electronics; a deep ocean of sound forms from live improvised sessions that were edited, tweaked, and mixed to perfection, with unusual analog synth sounds fluidly grooving with subliminal bass shapes, Latin percussion, jazz rhythms, and acoustic melodies. Together they create a gaseous kinetic atmosphere full of tangible rhythm patterns, delicate chords, and ghostly modular synth pads, all subtly mixed to create space for the tones between the tones. A hypnotic after-hours album dedicated to evoking a deep listening experience, with brilliantly textured arrangements of super-charged ambient sound that goes beyond the usual definition of the genre. These suspenseful compositions seduce with a deep melodic sensibility, delivering harmonic adventures and an overall rhythmic ambience of freshness and laid-back enthusiasm. Together they represent a challenging auditory experience that will resonate in your mind long after the music has finished.