Children are laughing and playing in the back, a baby screams happily: handsome field recordings welcome the listener to the final chapter of Fred P's Fp-Oner trilogy for Mule Musiq. The New York City native's 7 features tunes for deep meditative club use and beyond. 7 brings the listener house music full of cosmic realities, odd jazzing moments, Japanese spoken word pop, synth spheres for ambient use, and an overall outer-national atmosphere that handsomely dances between roughness and subtle, tuned-in deepness. Fred P explains: "I chose to base this project on numbers in order to impart a bit of depth and substance. '5', '6' and '7' have a meaning in both the literal and esoteric sense. We as a species are a combination of matter and energy, so it is a matter of relating the two in harmony. . . . It's like a testimony to the human condition and how we relate to treat and mistreat one another. . . . So rather than doing a project that highlights ego posture, my intent is more about what can I give to the listener." At large, the trilogy is a journey inward -- compelling, mesmerizing, and enchanting. Fred P produced the final chapter mostly in his studio in Berlin on various synths and with a bunch of mysterious samples, all later organized and programmed in Ableton. Fred P explains further: "This project has a beginning, middle, and end. The record 5 (MUSIQ 048CD/187LP, 2015) was intended to introduce a meditative energy within a rhythmic construct, as the number '5' represents the dynamic and unpredictable. . . . The album 6 (MUSIQ 055CD/200LP, 2016) is of an earthly and more harmonious discord. I attempt to bring the inner conflict in the form of natural unnaturalness. The raw energy of the search in this project I think is self-explanatory, which is the point I believe to show how flawed one can be but express very specific themes honestly. Finally, with 7 my goal is to merge the two into balance, as one focused state of mind, as '7' is the thinker beyond understanding or beyond the illusion." Listen deeply, open your doors of perception, dance the atomic mess around, stay small, be true, and don't forget, Fp-Oner's music is a traveling zone with a universal meaning. It can mean many things to different people. "Light Years" features Minako.