Spectropia Suite

NEOS 40905CD NEOS 40905CD

Original soundtrack to the film Spectropia, performed by Elliott Sharp with The '31 Band; Sirius Sting Quartet & Debbie Harry (Blondie). "Spectropia is both a full-length feature film and an interactive media event set in a possible England in 2099, and in New York City in 1931 after the stock market crash. Directed by Toni Dove, it tells a story of time travel and supernatural possession to explore the disorders brought on by consumer culture. For the score, I endeavored to create two different noir soundworlds: for the future, one of distressed computers and tortured guitars -- for New York 1931, one based on an imagined meeting of the musics of Duke Ellington and Edgar Varèse. The song 'This Time That Place' appears in various versions heard throughout the film: as a tango, as a feedbacked guitar solo, as a swing tune, a classical piano etude, and as a rock ballad sung by the great Debbie Harry of Blondie. To perform Spectropia Suite, I assembled an ensemble of musicians, The '31 Band, all of whom have extensive experience in many realms of music. All have worked with me on many projects, from the various Western traditions of jazz and classical music to the farthest reaches of contemporary music, free jazz, and improvisation. We recorded the music in the traditional manner of a film orchestra, cue by cue (though not working to picture as most of the timings were not that precise.) Overdubbing, editing, and processing all took place at my Studio zOaR including the tender yet sardonic vocals of Ms. Harry. This music has evolved from a set of cues into a suite for performance with The '31 Band expanding on the written material with solos and other interpretive actions by the players." -- Eliot Sharp, 2009