Into the Heart of Love


"Woo, the project of brothers Mark and Clive Ives, return to Palto Flats for the reissue of Into The Heart Of Love, originally released on cassette in 1990. Formed in the seventies in South London, the duo developed a cult following over the years, with renewed interest in their catalog through 2010s reissues by labels such as Drag City and Emotional Rescue. Woo's music, encompassing new-age, folk, ambient electronic and jazz idioms, yet transformed into a fully inimitable sound, is the profound result of years of brothers honing and tinkering with their craft from their home studio. Into The Heart Of Love, often heralded by fans as their most complete work -- sees the group expanding their sound over 20 plus tracks, utilizing vocoded clarinets, homespun folk melodies, and lilting electronics, coalescing into a journey traversing through otherworldly soundscapes. Containing touchstone Woo tracks such as 'Make Me Tea,' a duet between Mark Ives and Sue Amor over guitar and clarinet, 'It's Love,' a classically influenced guitar ballad, and 'Hopi,' Woo's astrologically influenced cosmically propulsive opener, which hints at the sonic adventure to ensue. Closing the album is the never before released vocal version of 'It's Love,' a testament to the healing power of love. This edition sees the album released for the first time in its entirety on vinyl, spread over two LPs, as well as a limited cassette reissue, all meticulously remastered by Stephan Mathieu from newly discovered hi-quality DAT masters. The gatefold jacket features new liner notes by Clive Ives, along with photos, drawings and images from the brothers' archives, with cover art inspired by its 1990 cassette release. Often lovingly held in the same regard and referenced knowingly to bands such as the Durutti Column, Cluster, and the Penguin Café Orchestra, Woo surrounds the listener with a transformative warmth. The band describes this album as their most all-encompassing collection of material, and it remains a highlight of their catalog. The brothers continue to record and self-release material from their home in Brighton, England to this day, manifesting new sounds along the way."